Marketers come up with curious names for products.  When products deal with touchy personal subjects, the challenge for marketers is obviously to apply a product name that accurately represents the product and its application without resorting to crudity or personal offense.

For the purpose of illustration, consider Gasex.

What is the product’s function?

Why, elimination of flatulence, of course.

The root for “Gasex” is gas, specifically in this context the objectional abdominal gas that kids (and grownups) associate with crude innuendo and raunchy jokes.  As such, what a vulgar and common product name!  They might as well call the pills”Fartex” or “Pootex!”

So let’s make a case for a re-name:

Why not call the product “Flatulex?”

That’s a lot more classy sounding than “gasex,” and flatulence is a legitimate medical/scientific term not nearly so subject to association with crude jokes and coarse, bathroom humor.

Good idea.  Next, maybe I will tackle some indelicate product names from the diahrrea section at the local pharmacy.  Readers are welcome to post comments to offer suggestions.