Brady Domangue shut down DMACC with a little help from his Bengal friends.

Bengal Ball, the style of baseball characterized by hard-charging offense, hits and steals in bunches, clutch pitching and defense, and constant pressure on the opposition.  We saw it more today than in the previous World Series games.

I like our chances.  Sure, we have to play the games, but this team is showing what it did all season.  The 13-o win this afternoon over Des Moines Area Community College is consistent with the kinds of scores we saw in the Region 23 tournament that sent us to Oklahoma, but let’s face it: the close, low-scoring games that preceded this gasser are more typical of our season than today’s gaudy 5 inning shut-out.

The mark of this team since mid-January is the ability to overcome adversity: Look at the record and note how many low-scoring games they won, remember the games they rallied to come from behind.  I like our odds!

Today’s game is special because no one player stands out–It was a team effort.

Congrats to Brady Domangue for a job well done, getting out of some tight spots over five innings to come away with a shutout.  Woe to the opponent who goes against the Bengals!