LSU Eunice fulfilled this blog’s prophecy! Geaux, Bengals!

Don’t turn out the lights, Coach.

Not yet.

Let us walk across this green field together,

One last time

Wearing purple and gold.

Side by side,

Arm in arm,

We are teammates.

 So let’s walk slow—

Make it last as long as we can.

Leaving will come soon enough.

And leaving will surely last long enough,

As we move on

To green fields somewhere else,

To bright futures yet imagined.

But let the bright future wait until tomorrow.

Tonight, let us hold memories fast

Of wearing our numbers one last time,

Of the field lights outshining the darkness,

Of the flag fluttering high in the center field breeze,

Of walking in cleats on this soft Bermuda carpet,

Of the mingled smell of leather, sweat, and dust,

Of playing this little boys’ game . . .

(And best of all, how sweet!)

            Of winning the national championship!

But most of all let us hold memories fast

Of one another.

We are 2012 Louisiana State University Eunice Bengals.

National Champions.

Thanks for leaving on the lights, Coach,

This one last time.