I drafted this piece in New Mexico in June 2005 at a National Writing Project professional writing retreat.  Ah, what memories!

I Write, Simply Write

Sunrise Springs, New Mexico. An oasis on the high plains desert.

Composed At Sunrise Springs, New Mexico

June 2005

Out here on the veranda overlooking Sunrise Springs

I’ll just write for me …

But I don’t know what.

I don’t know what because not a sorrow

Disturbs my peace.

My soul is fat,


Blessed beyond measure

Because this heart

Feels no hurt that God cannot heal,

Weighs no grief that hope cannot bear,

Knows no longing that love cannot satisfy.


So be it sufficient

To write about idle things, like . . .


Shimmering aspen leaves touched by the sunswept breeze.

Glistening trinkets splashing in fountains,

Dancing on ponds,

And ripples scurrying shoreward

Beneath over aching boughs of willow and cotton wood

Under a cloudless canopy

Of blue mountain sky

As I write,

Simply write.

Thank you, Lord, to be so blessed.