I think I made it better than the 7/5 post–took out some of the clutter.

755 South passes the campus of Louisiana State University Eunice at the outskirts of town.

This is a Cajun Road

That winds and curves with an accent.

From Maple Avenue in grande Eunice (yoo-neece)

To Ruppert Lake Road south of town;

Crossing flat prairie farmland and winding down to piney bottoms along Bayou des Cannes,

Those who dwell along the five or six miles of her shoulders

Live well from the land.

Robust aromas drift across her lanes at suppertime

From pots seething with gumbo and sauce piquante,

Boiled crawfish and etoufee.

Wed to humble places coursed by this curvey asphalt ribbon,

Those who live and work along the way are mates to its history and culture and tradition,

Stewards of the patches of earth beneath their feet.

Life is well-lived along this tiny sliver of South Louisiana, Acadiana, Cajun country.

Y-Ou la vie, c’est bonne!