Fezzo’s has two Cajun locations: Crowley and Scott. http://www.fezzos.com/ordereze/Content/3/Summary.aspx

Tomorrow I turn 60.  A lamentable age, yet considering the alternative, not bad.

I decided some months ago that I would celebrate birthdays from this point forward with fried oysters, the most favorite dish of my life.  While I live (and eat) a life of extreme moderation including whole grains and fruits and vegetables, an annual indulgence in fried oysters can’t do much harm, as long as I live (and eat) well the rest of the year.  Thus,  I resolve.

For this year’s birthday feast, we chose Fezzo’s Restaurant in Scott, Louisiana.  Fezzo’s is a very Cajun restaurant, two locations to choose along Interstate 10–Crowley and Scott.  Cajun music plays in the background as you dine.

And yes, they do know how to fry oysters!   No one in New Orleans does better.

This day, the eve of my birthday, I thus declare a life’s resolution: From this birthday forward, for birthday occasions, I will celebrate with fried oysters.  May those celebrations be many!

To recite an aphorism on oysters from old New Orleans: “Eat fish, live longer; eat oysters, love longer.”

If life lasts not, so may love!

And thanks to Sarah Ann, the love of my life, who shared this day (and oysters) with me.

Our gracious God is good!