Last year on the weekend preceding the start of the new school year, I posted a memoir of the summer past.  Since the entire idea of the blog has something to do with chronicling life and times, that seems like a topic worthy of repeating this year; next year if I do it the third time,  I will declare it a tradition.

To wit, what will we remember of Summer 2012?  How about the following:

  • Going to church with Mama on Mother’s Day, something we hadn’t done in many, many years.  Brother-in-law Bob’s sermon that day was particularly memorable, too, as was the repast he served us for lunch after church.
  • The Sunday evening trip to Beaumont for the David Phelps concert.  Before we went, I thought this concert was something I was doing mainly for Sarah, who is a big Phelps fan.  But I came back a fan myself–The concert was a masterful and uplifting display of musicianship.
  • Backyard pool parties with Payton.  We bought a  wading pool early in the late spring.  Payton would splash and dash while we adults llounged on the patio.
  • Patio, did I say?  Yes, patio dwelling again was a highlight of summer 12.  Eating lunch and supper, grilling on weekends, lounging till evening shadows lengthened, watching sports on Saturday afternoons–If the weather permitted, we hung out outside with Sadie and Marley many a’day.
  • Figs:  Yes, fresh figs.   The tree in Sarah’s Mom’s back yard yielded a robust harvest that lasted about three weeks. Every other day or so, we’d pick.  I don’t know how many pounds we gathered altogether, but we snacked on them cool, fresh, and raw from the refrigerator, sometimes by the fist-full, for those three weeks of fruitful indulgence.  I don’t recall any other season when I enjoyed figs more.
  • July 4 with the kids and Payton, highlighted by an impromptu trip to Baton Rouge to surprise Ann, who wasn’t able to come home because of her work and school schedule.
  • We discovered another novel supermarket shopping experience at Whole Foods Market in Baton Rouge.  We can hardly make a trip to the Capitol city now without a Whole Foods  excursion.
  • The Farm Bureau Memorial Service weekend in New Orleans:  Grateful to our good friends Kim and Mona Frey for recruiting Sarah to help with the music, and me to be the beneficiary by serving as the soprano’s escort.  Anyway, we got to spend the night in a 5 star hotel on Canal Street and eat out at Deany’s.
  • Fried oysters for birthday #60.  No fun turning this age, but what’s the alternative?  I decided that from this birthday forward, I will celebrate with oysters from a different restaurant each year.  This birthday was Fezzo’s turn.  We’ll see what restaurant wins the prize next year.
  • My 60th birthday present from Sarah was a treat, too–A Schwinn Legacy bicycle.  I’ve never seen a bike look so much like the bike I had when I was 10 or 11 years old–Talk about retro!   More summer evenings than not, we take the bikes out on the street after supper for a spin, and since July 26th, my two-wheel ride has been stylin’.
  • Friday afternoon trips to Rouse’s were not as novel as a year ago when the Lafayette Rouse’s was new, but we enjoyed those excursions every bit as much as we continued that tradition from last summer.
  • Olympics.  We watched the games every night those two weeks in July/August until the coverage went off the air.

These were highlights.  Yes, there were lowlights, but this blog does not celebrate lowlights.  God is too gracious to dwell on anything less than the blessings.  So here’s to summer 2012, another rich season of our lives.