Six years to date I posted this piece. Little Sadie is grown into a big ol’ girl, almost 50 pounds. But dogma still abounds!


sadie-lynn.jpgNo, of course, the word dogma has nothing to do with puppy dogs. But that pic of Sadie the Dog when she was a baby puppy was just too cute to resist. Besides, when I was a kid and ran into the word dogma, I always wondered what it had to do with the canine species.

But lately as an adult, I was prompted to consider what that word means because a famous reader of my blogs, Professor Emeritus of Rhetoric at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and my former grad. school advisor and still-mentor, Dr. Ann Dobie, read some of my recent postings on religious and denominational dogma. (Read Ann’s comment # 2 on my August 31 posting to this blog on the word backslide.) Ann was obviously interested in my observations, to the point that she privately asked me in email what I meant when I…

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