We will remember the works of Your hands.

Perhaps life is too short to die young, so we cherish the blessing of longevity for our parents when their longevity is attended by good health and good nature.  And so we gathered yesterday, the four siblings remaining, to celebrate Mama’s 87th birthday (officially tomorrow, 9/15).

But before we could meet the cousins and nephews and nieces for lunch, we had to gather as brothers and sisters with our mom to honor the fallen, our Daddy and our brother, who have gone on to their greener pastures.  What folks need to know is that this cemetery visit to Daddy’s memorial was not a grief-stricken affair.  We laughed and cut up, certain that Daddy would approve much more of  merriment than of sorrow.

Yes, this was a time to remember and celebrate, a solemn place where the grave’s headstone stands as a sturdy reminder of God’s presence and action in our lives.

We will remember–Dare we not?