4 years ago today … Here’s where I was.


Prairie Ronde, Louisiana, is not a town.  It’s a rural Cajun “place” centered around the confluence of three or four winding roads and secondary state highways in the general proximity of the middle of nowhere, or at least it must seem so to outsiders, especially city folks.  The community sprawls along those roadsides for several miles in at least three different directions.  I passed through Prairie Ronde today and decided this view was too rich to ignore.

Consider these remarkable icons of life in Acadiana that come together in this photo:

  • the water tower, a source of sustenance, presiding over the landscape, proclaiming “Prairie Ronde.”
  • the solitary Oak rising from the prairie, spreading branches perhaps symbolic of the branches of families interred in the cemetery below, perhaps also evoking images of the Live Oak Walt Whitman “saw in Louisiana growing, uttering joyous leaves of friendship” during the days of the…

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