Sandy’s on the way. Happily bound elsewhere, but we wish our neighbors the best.

From Morgan City, La. to Atlantic City, N.J.

From Cow Island, La. to Long Island, N.Y.

From Delaware Bay, Delaware, to Barataria Bay, La.

The Gulf Coast feels the Atlantic Seaboard’s pain.  At the same time, we look at a Category 1 storm being labeled “Frankenstorm” and wonder.


Audrey.  Betsy.  Camille.  Andrew.  Katrina. Rita.

Begging your pardon, but those were Frankenstorms!

Pardon us, our neighbors from the Northeast, but we have to wonder about hype.  Population density doth public relations wonders work!

Population density notwithstanding, we wish the best for all in the path of the storm.  We’ve been there, more than once.  We know the understated truth: Storms are no fun!