It’s been a while since this blog has tackled a linguistics topic.  One usage from childhood I recall among the American Deep South Scotch Irish “southern” talking folks of the Louisiana Florida Parishes was “like to a‘” with the approximate translation of almost.  Here are some examples:

“I like to a’ puked my guts out last night with that stomach bug.”

“Uncle Joe like to a’ died after he seen Aint Bea pickin’ her nose in church.”

“Bruther Jones like to a’ preached the hell out a’ his congergation.”

“Ol’ Joe Blow like to a’ keeled over dead after he learnt that dawg that bit him had rabies.”

Yep, I’ve known people that talked just like that.  But not Cajuns.  Just Deep South Scotch-Irish, mostly years ago.

Now, where does “like to a‘” come from?  Obviously, it’s translated as “like to have.”  So the most…

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