All summer long, we played outside, we did yard work, we rode bikes–anything to avoid coming in before the dark of night, which seemed never to outlast our energy.  But this Daylight Savings time of year, work ends at 4:30, daylight close behind.  I despise the dreary, dark days of this season when premature darkness spoils day’s end. 

Oh, what to do to extend our lease on life after dusk?

Let’s go to Winn Dixie!  The shopping errands Sarah used to run in the afternoon we now postpone until after supper so we’ll have something to do in those lean hours of early eventide, the same hours in summer when we rode, we ran, we mowed, and we romped.  Not so much riding or running or mowing or romping at Winn Dixie, but at least we’re moving around!

Thank God thus for Winn Dixie, for Fuel Perks and reduced overripe bananas richly abounding, and for someplace to go and something to do in the dark, short days of mid-November.