The end of any semester ends with a sigh of relief.   I know I have several weeks to breath air that’s seems a little lighter and cleaner than the stress-laden atmosphere of the final exam period.  To aid and abet the sensation of cleaner, lighter air, occasionally I’ll get some feedback from students that convinces me that some of them really did “get it.”  (Only another teacher can understand why we would ever wonder about such things!).

Teaching is an intensely human enterprise!

Teaching is an intensely human enterprise!

I got a couple of bouquets tossed my way this week in email from grateful students.  Since nobody’s going to pay me any more for doing a good job teaching, I’ll at least ingratiate myself by posting their remarks publicly here.

From a student in section 05:

I just want to thank you for everything you did. If i [sic] had anyother teacher i [sic] proubly [sic] wouldn’t have passed. You are one of the best teachers i [sic]ever had. You puched [sic] us to try for better and it worked.

The need for sic’s notwithstanding, this student really did grow in confidence and achievement as a writer, and I’ll accept some of the credit he ascribes.  The mechanical glitches notable result from our reluctant acquiescence to the “text generation” and their propensity for digital composition which strives more for speed than accuracy.  And I’m reasonably confident he meant I pushed them rather than puked them.  The bottom line is that I truly appreciate his affirmation of my pedagogy.

Here’s a bouquet from one of the online sections:

Just wanted to let you know that I was so excited with my finals grades for this class. Thank you for helping direct me and all of our classmates to do the best that we could in this class. I learned more than I imagined I could in an English class. It was a pleasure to take your class. Thank you again for your dedication and hard work that you do for LSUE and your students. Teachers like you really make a positive difference in students lives. Thank you again and have a very Merry Christmas!!

This writer is a little more polished.  What I particularly appreciate in her comment is that she affirms the specific qualities and traits that I strive to achieve as a teacher.  This job really is a calling!