I follow Sarah into Best Stop, visions of boudin dancing in my head.

It’s been a while since I reviewed a food place, so here’s a good one for the season when folks will be shopping for their Christmas viandes and specialty foods, especially edibles of the Cajun persuasion.

In a sharp curve between Scott and the Ossun Community on northbound Louisiana 93, rural Lafayette Parish, slow down … not because of the curve, but to pull into the driveway of Best Stop.  Between Eunice and Lafayette, the sojourner will not find a finer Cajun specialty meat market.

Boudin, tasso, Turducken,  panse bourre’, gratons, grimilles de gratons, smoked sausage, stuffed just about anything you want, rib eyes and pork steaks, every specie of roast, on and on–the tourist can rest assured that this stuff is Prairie Cajun authentic, despite its humble outward appearance.

Once inside, an industrious staff shuffles up and down the aisles, behind the counters laden with juicy heaps and stacks and packages of every sort of meat imaginable, while noisy lines of patrons wait their turns to ask for customized cuts and orders.  And if you address the proprietor in Cajun French, he’ll answer you in same.  I thanked him “Merci bien” the last time we passed there, to which he promptly responded, as his eyes grew bright with pleasure to hear his language, “Mais, reviens”  (Come back).

So revenir no doubt I will to the Cajun Best Stop Meat Market and Grocery.