Shopping for groceries this morning at a local supermarket, we came across the display indicated by the sign shown here, “padio heaters” for $129.  It’s not like some store clerk wrote this notice with a marker on a piece of card board–This was a professionally printed display!

What’s a “padio?”  Some variation of heating pad? an Italian

Padio heaters aren't cheap!

Padio heaters aren’t cheap!

or Hispanic derivation?  foot warmers for dogs?

Aha!  From the picture of the heater on the boxes, obviously, these are patio heaters.

How embarrassing, nonetheless, for the retailer and the employees thereof.  Surely, some employee in the store knew better?

Then again, maybe the misspelling was deliberate to call attention to the display?  Yes, a marketing ploy!   Maybe Winn Dixie management deserves credit for cunning word play that evades the outmoded orthographic sensibilities of  prior-generation linguists such as myself.  Maybe I’ve reached that age where calling attention to such gaffs makes me sound old and crotchety?

Heaven forbid!