One purpose of this blog is to archive personal and family experiences that will outlive these mortal bones.  So for family and posterity, here’s a memoir of New Orleans City Park, a chilling chronicle of mystery and intrigue heretofore untold, the life and times of yours truly.

New Orleans City Park, site of memories old and new.

New Orleans City Park, site of memories old and new.

As a junior high student growing up in North Shore Covington, I remember annual late-spring school field trips to New Orleans.  The typical field trip agenda included a cultural/historical experience in the French Quarter, like a visit to the Wax Museum, followed by a bag-lunch picnic at New Orleans City Park.

Ah, City Park!  Yes, how much these past two years I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter finish her races in the New Orleans Rock n’Roll Marathon.

But reaching back in time 47 or 48 years ago, a different memory reverberates.  My eighth grades buddies and I had finished the bagged picnic lunches furnished by the school cafeteria and were enjoying some free time on the water at City Park.  That day, two or three buddies with me rented one of the flat-bottomed skiffs at City Park and began plying the shallow waters of Bayou St. John (or some connected lagoon).  We rowed and splashed about madly, as 13 year olds are wont to do.

But when amidst our thrashing we came across a metallic, luminescent surface submerged a few feet in the shallows of the lagoon, we were astonished.  We probed the metallic surface with the blades of our oars and determined this was the top of an automobile!

I don’t remember exactly how, but I seem to recall how we couldn’t wait to row to shore to report our discovery to the park officials.  And how rewarding, later that night on the 10:00 news, we saw the news report with video of a police wrecker pulling that same vehicle out of the lagoon.  I don’t remember the details, except I do recall that the car was associated with some recent crime in the City, and its discovery was very newsworthy.

I was a crime buster!  My buddies and I had turned in a tip that made the 10:00 news!

I can’t recall whether the crime was solved or not, but I’d love to hear from someone who remembers the details of this cerca 1965 New Orleans incident in City Park.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to recall the life of times and places remembered, places like New Orleans City Park.