I recall very few products from childhood till now that have not undergone substantial changes in packaging and presentation.   For example, a gallon of paint always came in round metal cans; now, the containers are plastic and rectangular.  Potato chips came in paper bags; now the bags are plastic.  Milk  came in glass bottles; now plastic.  Carbonated beverages came in tin cans that we opened with a can opener, now aluminum with pull tabs.  Yes, the marvels of technology abound for the contemporary consumer.  But, oh, so much plastic??

Simplicity and functionality in packaging: Salt of the earth!

Simplicity and functionality in packaging: Salt of the earth!  Simplicity and functionality that stand the test of time.

Thus, it’s refreshing to see a product whose packaging over the years remains unchanged:

To wit, the humble container of salt!  As 50 plus years ago, still cylindrical in shape, still cardboard, still the same size, still with a pop-up pouring spout.

Vraiment, un object d’art et simplicite’!