The season for patio dwelling has arrived.

The season for patio dwelling has arrived.

This afternoon after work, I jogged.  I ate supper.  I ran an errand to tank up the vehicles for trips tomorrow.  I washed and dried Sarah’s car.  I played with the dogs.  I put out the trash.  I sprayed herbicide on some winter grass growing in the wrong places around the patio.  I swept out the garage.  I piddled around, looking for other chores to do and played some more with the dogs.

And still the sun shone.  Weakly by now, 7:30 or so, but I marveled at all the works my hands had wrought in a productive three hour burst.

DST is just one more reason spring is the top season in these parts.  Trees and lawns  green, shedding the drab of winter; audacious  blossoms on shrubs and trees burst into cascading floral displays; and  mild days last longer so we can celebrate as patio and back yard dwellers.

It’s gonna be a great spring–I felt it this evening!