No, the title doesn’t result from a typo.  This post deals with snot, the slimy, sleazy stuff of nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, and, yay, even boogers.

snot funny

This dude is not me, but he looks like I felt Friday morning.

Well, not maybe boogers just yet.

Lately, I qualify as an authority on the subject of nasal cavity mucous, having been diagnosed  yesterday with right maxillary sinusitis, a condition born of itchy-scratchy eyes and throat burning from seasonal allergies that set in a little over a week ago (see the March 18 post for this blog).  In the process of voiding all the slime and mucous prompted by the pollen-laden spring atmosphere, some channel or passageway in the maxillary sinus clogged up.

Yes, something made the snot clot. Snot really does clot, and when it clots in the maxillary sinus, it hurts!

In short order, painful infection set in, so to the physician I repaired.  Assigned to a two week regimen of antibiotics  (with decongestant and ibuprofen ordered for symptomatic measure), I’ll ride out this malady as best I can.  And facing a dental appointment first thing Monday  morning to repair a broken filling for a tooth that’s rooted directly in the infected maxillary sinus, I hope to note some progress over the weekend in reducing swelling and discomfort in that region.

No, it snot fun, but writing about snot can be funny.