I can’t believe I never blogged this piece that I wrote in 1998 after a conference in Cleveland, Ohio.  It’s cool to post it now because my English 1002 students are visiting this blog, and they’re reading some sonnets in their course readings.  May they see that their teacher is also a practitioner of the craft!

Sonnet 3

Upon the Windswept Erie Shore

(For Sarah Ann, Upon my being homesick in Cleveland!)

By David L. Pulling

November 1998

Upon the windswept Erie shore I stand

The windswept Erie shore

The windswept Erie shore

And cast my gaze across the inland main.

Pond’rous billowing clouds roll o’er the land

As weary thoughts besiege my homesick brain.


How rude the bitter gale dispelleth cheer!

Her icy darts so penetrate my soul!

And I a stranger, a wayfarer here,

Am cast forlorn upon this foreign shoal.

O bright sun, why refusest thou to smile,

To melt away the chilling loneliness?

How long must I endure this winter vile?

When love’s glad union shall I repossess?

But soft!  I’ll close mine eyes and of thee dream–

O love, console me by the fairy stream!