Union, Justice, Confidence: Really?

Union, Justice, Confidence: Really?

Yes, today opens the 2013 session of the Louisiana State legislature.  For sure, wanton and nefarious schemes of politicians are afoot.The State seal boasts on its logo the motto “Union, Justice, Confidence.”  How nice to proclaim ideals, I suppose; but sadly, the proclamation of ideals doesn’t alter reality when the standards embodied in the ideals are missing in practice.

Union?  With the lame duck Governor’s popularity sagging to embarrassing lows, the sharks and the power-grabbers in the legislature smell the blood in the water: many self-serving axes will be ground in the coming months to fight battles of political “king on the mountain.”

Justice?  Given the tea party-esque, populistic flavor of this fire-eating conservative legislature and the policies it pursues, the proverbial rich are likely to keep getting richer while the proverbial poor will continue toward their hopeless impoverishment.

Confidence?  Rather, gloom and pessimism abound from border to border as this administration and the legislatures that have attended it failed, year after year, to raise the strong,credible leaders Louisiana needed to protect and deliver public education, health, and government services from ravaging cuts and nigh-obliteration.

What a dubious record the Jindal era is destined to leave in its murky wake!

Where is statesmanship when we need it most?