I never thought I’d cheer for a rat.  They’re despicable rodents.  I regret that they’re mammals the same as I!

But today I cheered for one, I confess.

A South Louisiana US 190 rat lives to tell the tale.

A South Louisiana US 190 rat lives to tell the tale.

East bound on Highway 190 just before Livonia, Louisiana, a fleet of tractor-drawn bush hogs were mowing the ditch on the right side of the highway.  Directly in front of me on the highway was an enormous touring bus.

Just as the east-bound touring bus approached the point passing the west-bound bush hog on the shoulder of the highway, an alarmed rat, no doubt believing himself too young to be bush-hogged to death, darted out almost in front of the tractor’s  tires.  I cringed as the bus bore down on the scampering rat, holding my breath literally in anticipation of “splat.”  Miraculously, the north-bound rat skittered under the bus, the bus coursing along at 65 mph mind you, and emerged on the other side, tumbling across two lanes in the  turbulence of the bus’s under-draft.

The last I saw of the rat, it was safe and secure, I assume continuing its passage across the west bound lanes where it likely found rat-refuge in the ditch along the west-bound side.

For the first time in my life, I was happy for a rat.