Farewell, Carolyn. Should we be pitied more than you? After all, you left well in so many ways.

Carolyn Ward, too soon departed (for us, but not for her!)

Carolyn Ward, too soon departed (for us, but not for her!)

You cheated old age out of creaky joints and bedpans.
You will never again endure sleepless nights or tiring days.
You slipped the snare of dread disease: no Alzheimer’s, no terminal cancer, no debilitating illness to waste away your days in anguish or burden your loved ones.
You will never again be vexed by cocoa grass in your garden (your blessed mother’s bane, as well!).
You will never again have to clean house or pick up after Jerry.
You will never awaken to depressing headlines on the morning news, reminding us that we below tarry in a fallen world.
You will never again stress out over trivial mortal matters that always seemed so important but now really don’t matter.

Yes, we should be pitied more than you.

But not so much because we’re left below to worry about these earthly woes. No, like you, we with your faith will endure those carnal travails in the same good spirit and with the same steadfast hope that you endured. The reason we should be pitied, rather, is that our days now are deprived of your presence and walk among us. Forgive us if we seem selfish, but we so miss your place and presence.

Of course, we know that your return is impossible. We must remember that the intervening days or years or decades of our transient lives (who knows how long we have, as your sudden passing reminds us) are but innumerable grains of sand in the hour glass of eternity. Let us then live our remaining days or years or decades well, as you gave us example with your full and rich life, hoping and trusting and longing for one day when we dance with you on the other side where charming roses bloom forever.

God bless your family and your memory, and God bless all of us left here below, till we meet again!