All's well that ends well, especially in the  doctor's office.

All’s well that ends well, especially in the doctor’s office.

I completed my annual wellness procedure yesterday afternoon when I dropped off the hemoccult kit at the family doctor’s office. Just a few hours later, I noticed I had missed a call on my phone–I recognized the doctor’s office number.

In such moments, human nature cringes. Why are they calling so soon? When I call back, what dire announcement will I hear? Will I be summoned for further testing to clarify some irregularity in the result? that I’m being referred to a specialist because of some troublesome indication? that the test result dictates some grim diagnosis?

Oh, well. Come what may, gotta take this in stride! Gulp hard, take a deep breath, redial:

“Dr. Ware’s office.”

“Hello, this is David Pulling, returning a missed call from earlier this afternoon.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Pulling. Just one moment.”

Put on hold. Silence intensifies drama. Shortly another voice picks up:

“Mr. Pulling, we just wanted to let you know that your hemoccult test came out clear.”

“Ah, that’s all? Oh, that’s great. Thanks a lot.” I cheerfully replied, suppressing the impulse to cry out a loud “Whodat” victory cheer.

Alas, the joy of wellness. Sooner or later, according to the hard and inalterable course of nature, it will end. Till then, I count wellness as one of those unaccountable commodities of grace that calls for thanksgiving: just for the well of it!