Jazzin' June in the Happy Place

Jazzin’ June in the Happy Place.

Twenty years ago when my blood was thick and hot, my favorite season of the year was winter, my favorite month January. Tossing logs on the wood fire inside or layering up to tackle outdoor chores, I couldn’t get enough cold. (I would have thought otherwise, I’m sure, if I lived in northern climes. Gulf Coast winters are pretty tame, let’s face it.)

My second favorite month then was April and my third December followed by May fifth. June and July were nowhere in sight. In fact, they were on the unfavored list.

Lo these twenty years later, what change! The blood no longer so thick, no longer so hot. Confronted with the favorite month question, I now vote June, the month of the longest days of the year, the first month of summer before the onset of July’s and August’s Gulf Coast dog daze. Yep, June with its late spring breeze is best. May comes second, April third, and November fourth.

What happened to December and January?

No longer in the running. Give me long, warm daze brightened with sunshine and fair breezes. To borrow the poet Gwendolyn Brooks word play, I’m going to “jazz June.”