Our Writing Project youth creative writing camp, Word UP! is meeting down the hall this week. I try to join some of their activities when I can. One is posting on the wall board: “Why we write.”

A zillion reasons to write!

A zillion reasons to write!

The Classical Reasons are OK, but can be a little dreary:

To explain
To persuade
To inform

Here are some better reasons:

To show off
To have fun
To entertain
To see what I think
To see what I said
To see if I’m right
To see if I’m wrong
To see how it sounds
To create an idea (“an idea doesn’t exist until you put it in writing”)
To articulate something profound
To articulate something beautiful
To articulate something true
To articulate something spiritual
To commemorate some place or time
To commemorate someone special
To prove I’m right
To prove you’re wrong
To delight a loved one
To remember what to pick up at Winn Dixie
To remember who to call
To update my Facebook status
To tweet
To text Sarah that I’ll be a few minutes late (or early)

And finally …
To update this blog.