Two years ago seems like yesterday. I read back through this blog and recall highlights of summer 2011, seeming just months rather than years ago.

But anticipating the end of active employment two years forward, the same span of time seems like a short eternity away. The proverbial watch pot boileth not?

I could fashion a construction paper chain of 730 days and break a link each day, like we did as school kids anticipating a holiday. That strategy is childish.

So, I let me resolve the following approach: With the arrival and passing of each annual calendar landmark in 2013-14, I’ll pronounce, “One more and done.”

For example, the annual Fall Semester back-to-school workshop is coming up on August 19. When that workshop is over, I’ll gather my friends and declare, “One more (fall workshop) and done!” Next year’s 2014 workshop will be my last ever as an active employee.

And so on and so forth, noting holidays and other annual landmarks: “One more, and done!” We will see if that strategy helps to move the calendar along for year 2 of pre-retirement.