Better the season from heaven than hell? Sure ’nuff. Looking over the chronicles of this column over the years, the August/September posts in just about every year shows that this time of year is the season of tropical tension. So here we are at the peak of hurricane season 2013 and, so far, “No sweat.” Today’s Atlantic Basin map from the Hurricane Center shows a number of trouble spots, but nothing to disturb the US mainland, much less the closer to home

A "no sweat" tropical map at the peak of the season.

A “no sweat” tropical map at the peak of the season.

central Gulf Coast.

So we don’t mind the temps soaring to unseasonable highs in mid-September: Dry heat is the product of land-based high pressure, the antithesis (and enemy) of ocean-based low pressure. Better to bake in the sun than to hunker down beneath a wind-blown tempest: May these conditions persist, and may there be many like-hurricane seasons to come!