Yesterday's workout summary that helped put this nasty cold on the run.

Yesterday’s workout summary that helped put this nasty cold on the run.

I remember the advice doctors gave about treating the common cold when I was much younger: Drink fluids, get plenty of rest, take meds to relieve the symptoms, and basically let the virus run its course in 7-10 days. Ugh. No way.

Older and more experienced in dealing with colds now, my advice is simplified: drink fluids, take meds sparingly because they mostly raise your blood pressure and create side effects as unpleasant as the cold’s symptoms, and run my course.

Running when I have a cold or even bronchitis not only alleviates the stuffy symptoms by opening up the pores and blood vessels to move snot and congestion along, but the cardio-activity also seems to bump up the endorphins and adrenalin that overwhelms that cruddy feeling that accompanies the cold. The effort produces a much superior result to the vasal constrictive meds’ foggy side effects. I always feel better after a run than before, and certainly better than I feel after popping a brain-bending antihistamine.

I started taking zinc a few years ago when I first start feeling cold symptoms, too. Experience has convinced me that zinc’s claims are true: the supplement helps lessen the severity and shortens the duration of the worst cold symptoms.

I’m recovering this weekend from a cold bout this past week, and I’m convinced that this strategy of minimizing the meds, taking zinc, and “running through” the symptoms has helped me get past the worst of it.

Yes, I believe you can put a cold on the run–I definitely zinc so!