Streets for running wind far and free.

Streets for running wind far and free.

A few weeks ago, the former doctors’ clinic at the end of the street that used to be a health club re-opened as a health club again. I noticed right away that fitness runners were regularly passing by the front of our house.

I got to wondering: Why would somebody shell out $30 or $40 or $50 or whatever a month, drive to the health club for a workout, and then run on the streets in the health club’s neighborhood? I run these same streets all the time for nothing.

I’m sure those patrons are also using machines and equipment in the health club, but I come back again to a personal contention that fitness doesn’t need to cost much. Just getting out and moving around works wonders: the streets are free, the air is fresh, and the enlivening sensory experience of a winding course through the streets of town leaves the sense-numbing sights, sounds, and smells of a treadmill in a gym far behind in the race for leisure that’s aesthetic as well as healthy.

And, of course, my $$$$ stay in my pocket.