Yeah, they’d behave in Sunday School, you’d think. And mature men, no less. These guys are 55 and up–some of them waaaaay up the age scale (chronogically, that is).

C'mon, guys, ... cut it out?

C’mon, guys, … cut it out?

But behold their foolishness. How am I supposed to teach and lead this unruly lot if they’re going to guffaw away the hour, brandishing knives and jousting with taunts, tales, and raucous side splitting laughter?

I can’t answer that question except to say that, somehow, we do manage to settle down into some serious and heavy-weight discussion of spiritual matters. At the end of the Sunday School hour, these guys are counting on the fact that the Almighty has a sense of humor and approves the sport of their fellowship, because the Almighty also looks into their minds and hearts to note the searching and longing for truth, the unity of their brotherhood, and the depth of their commitment. Yep, you’d think grown men would get some things right, and these guys do. I’m proud to claim ’em for more than friends.