How often did I neglect to thank teachers who touched my life? Shame on me! Like most semesters, several students took time at the end of the course last week to send affirming messages. A few semesters ago, I decided that this is a good place to record and preserve testimonials.

Professor Pulling, it has been a real honor and pleasure being in your class. I enjoyed it and definitely learned.

Mr. Pulling, I wanted to thank you for everything this semester. I really enjoyed your class and you as a professor. Thanks again!

Mr. Pulling, Thank you for a great semester! I can honestly say that this class was one of the best classes I had this year, probably the best I had in my whole LSUE career at that. I had taken a semester off because I wasn’t sure if I was heading in the direction I felt I should be in and after a lot of thought and working almost every day in a restaurant I realized, “Is this what it’ll be like if I don’t go back to school?” So I decided to come back and I was so nervous to start, especially English. I never thought I had the ability to write the way I did this past semester. You always made sure we had exactly the right information to get us on the right track, and I am very thankful for that.

Thank you! I really appreciated your teachings and your willingness to always assist me when I was stuck.