Daughter’s 25th family birthday celebration ended up in a Sushi joint a couple of miles from campus in Baton Rouge. I’m old enough to remember when pizza was the nouveau cuisine in university towns, but it seems the latest craze has gone Oriental: sushi.

I’ve tried sushi a number of times in the last few years in response to the younger folks’ raves. I’m still not sure. Whether it’s the idea of raw fish or the awkward manipulation of chop sticks, I can’t quite seem to get it. Watching the youngsters excel at the skill makes me feel like I may be getting old.

Fortunately, today, future son-in-law Brandon recommended the fried oyster roll (he knowing my affinity for oysters), so I did, and the outcome was gratifying. Still not a New Orleans style oyster po’ boy like I’ve eaten for years living on the Louisiana Gulf coast, but definitely sushi more palatable

Chop stick, or spear stick?

Chop stick, or spear stick?

for these 60+ year old taste buds.

As for the chop sticks, I don’t think so. They seem best when used one at a time for spearing food. I’ll cling to my European orientation to forks and spoons, thank you kindly.