After today, 17 to go.

After today, 17 to go.

My career’s red letter day stands as July 26th, 2015. If the plan unfolds as conceived, that’s R day: Retirement.

(At least from the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana; not sure what I may find to get into for a second career if the right offer and opportunity comes along).

I’ve been wanting to start a countdown, like a construction paper chain we made in grade school to count down days-till-Christmas, cutting a link each day and watching the chain grow shorter. But the number of days are too numerous for a day-by-day check-off. However, the number of months was starting to look appealing after the new year started, so I resolved on the 26th of January to begin marking off the 26th’s of each month as a celebration day. In January, eighteen 26th’s stood between me and R day; today, the magic number falls a notch to seventeen.

Onward to March 26th (and beyond!)