Today's happy thought to dispel Monday's gloom.

Today’s happy thought to dispel Monday’s gloom.

For the past 20 years, I always checked work email before I left home on weekday mornings; but I just realized–in just the last few weeks–that this distasteful habit has robbed me of workplace joy for years. So I quit.

Now I check FaceBook first. In lapses of discipline on mornings at home getting ready for work, when I find my finger poised over the email icon, I chide myself for carelessness and move quickly to tap on the social media icon instead.

That’s one more resolve for these final 15 (or fewer) months of the grind: No more before-work email reading or correspondence. Those messages will still be in the inbox 20 or 30 minutes later when I get to the office at eight.

Kinda liberating.