Finals are final, that's for sure!

Finals are final, that’s for sure!

The Final Lament
On the occasion of final exams for English 1002, Section 10

One by one.
They finish, submit, exit.
The last three exact every minute of time allotted
for the final exam.
Watching them pore over screen and keyboard evokes excitement,
like watching grass grow—

but watching grass grow is better
because grass grows outside,
not in,
outside where spring breeze hangs out with sunshine,
with graywhite clouds drifting in blue heaven’s foreground,
not inside where nothing grows
but heavy minutes into distraction,
mounting hours into boredom,
(and yes also, a stack of essays to be graded!)
Hence, I invent this idle verse,
a memorial to auld lang syne.

Ere auld existence be forgot
and daze of Spring ’14.
A final lament.