No two halves of any day of my life were as contrasting as the two halves of this day, if we figure that half one was from early morning until mid-afternoon and half two from mid-afternoon until midnight. Hours of the first half groaned by in tedium and strained anticipation; hours of the second half raced by in unsurpassable

Ann Christian: The star of the day!

Ann Christian: The star of the day!

moments of happiness, friendship, celebration, laughter, and every other species of goodwill imaginable.
A simple but elegant ceremony.

A simple but elegant ceremony.

Highlights of the day? A list . . .

* Going for boudin for my family and the Kuhn family. We enjoyed introducing our Kansans to South Louisiana all weekend long. They are awesome folk.
* Going for a bike ride after lunch with Trisha and Zach to kill time as we waited for the painstaking passage of time.
* Watching Miss Payton Priss pose in her flower girl dress–She was feeling it all night long.

No one was more impressed with the flower girl than the flower girl herself.  She was a princess all night long.

No one was more impressed with the flower girl than the flower girl herself. She was a princess all night long.

* Beholding the mother-of-the-bride in her MOB dress for the first time: In front of the kids, I told her something like, “Hey, baby, when this gig’s over, you comin’ home with me!” She was more than beautiful.
* Of course, beholding my little bride for the first time in her wedding dress when we got to the church for the pre-ceremony pictures.
* Hanging out with my brother and sisters and their families before the wedding.
* Hanging out in the foyer and meeting friends and family as they arrived for the ceremony.
* Telling Ann stupid jokes to make her laugh and relax as we got ready to walk down the aisle–Don’t know if I did any good or not, but she did make it all the way to the altar without fainting!
* Watching the expressions on family’s and friends’ faces as we processed into the church.
* The music: Oh, the music! Connie, Jan, Dwight, Pat, David and Arien–they were awesome!
* The magical reception: Memorable moments during those hours are too crowded and stacked and jumbled into my recall to make a coherent list! I never had more fun in all my “daze.”
* The “father of the bride” speech where I shared “Boo Bear on Skates” and other memories to grace the bride and her groom on their finest night out.
* Right after we got home late that night, Zach and Trisha extended the euphoria of the night as they became
The night was magical!

The night was magical!

officially engaged in our backyard “happy place” with torches glowing romance in the mild May moonlight!

Engagement ringI will probably come back to this post with updates and additions for days to come as recall flashes back from memory to memory. Looking over the day in retrospect, we were surrounded by a host of family and friends who helped us to celebrate this awesome moment in time. We are truly blessed.