On a roll: A year ago today, I took my annual wellness physical. Today, 365 days later, I took my annual wellness physical. As I left Dr. Ware’s office, I scheduled my next annual wellness physical for 365 days from this day.

All results were encouraging and showed consistency over years: BP 128/78, pulse strong from a well-conditioned heart, EKG results “perfectly normal” (in the practitioner’s words). Passed all the stethoscope tests, the pokes and prods, and the lights up the nose and ears illuminated no ills. To this point in life, I am the beneficiary of a virtuous and moderate lifestyle, abetted by preferred genes from the family pool. Since I had nothing to do with the gene pool traits, I can only thank the Almighty.

May good health endure! At least as long as it can, because we all hit the end of the road one of these days.

Hoping for another year of healthful cheer!appt