Yesterday afternoon we rolled into Hays, Kansas to celebrate Independence Day on the Great Plains of America with our daughter’s in-laws and then to prepare for a reception Saturday for the bride and groom’s family and friends from Kansas who were unable to attend the wedding down south in May.

Some travelers complain about the scenery (or lack thereof) in the wide open rolling spaces of the American heartland, but not me. I see creation spreading away beyond the reach of imagination–it’s the poetry of Earth.

After we turned westbound on Interstate 70 out of Salina, we turned Pandora to a Cajun channel and listened to the Pine Grove Boys’ version of “La Branche de Murier” while we shot a video of the passing landscape. We “Cajunized” our travel experience so we could mingle sensory associations of home with the exotic panarama of the far-away plains, but when I look at the video now I see that this piece makes a fitting Independence Day tribute to different parts of the country on the Great Plains of America where, at the end of the day, we are AMERICA. Joyeux Jour d’Independence a tout le monde, en Kansas et en Louisiane et tout partout!