An exposed nerve--Ouch!

An exposed nerve–Ouch!

Yesterday evening at supper, I busted a tooth with more violence than has ever gone on in this head of mine. It hurt!

And all day it hurt some more. I couldn’t find the tooth fairy’s number, so I called her next of kin, my dentist Dr. Fontenot. His staff worked me in for an emergency consultation late this afternoon. The verdict: Exposed nerve. Possible salvation of the tooth with some work-up, a root canal, and a cap. $$$$ flashed through my mind, plus the pain I was in.

“No thanks, Doc,” I boldly resolved. “Let’s do the down and dirty.”

On to the extraction, and these several hours later, no happier could I be. $$$$ still in hand, no more pain. If the tooth fairy isn’t available, I’ll settle for the forceps-wielding Dr. Fontenot.