This blog well documents the tradition started 3 years ago: Fried oysters for birthday fare with the goal of indulging at a different restaurant each year until I run out of money, health, luck, or whatever else would come in the way of the tradition.

A half po boy here is worth a whole po boy at most places.

A half po boy here is worth a whole po boy at most places.

Birthday 2014 was observed at the New Orleans Seafood and Spirits Restaurant in my hometown of Covington. The half-po-boy is all I can handle–it’s covered with a mountain of oysters sufficient to cover a full-sized po’boy in most places these days. And, they really know how to fry oysters right. This is the third time I’ve been there, and each visit is perfection: crisp, never mushy, always hot, and seasoned to perfection.

Though our kids have lately left us for out of state, we gathered family around us today: Mama and my sister and brother-in-law made the day and the oysters all the more special. (Not to neglect Dr. Fontenot’s handy forceps a couple of days ago, which literally saved the enjoyment of this day with the extraction of that offensive tooth!)

Let’s see where 2015 lands us for oysters a year from now. I can’t wait!