Symbolic imagery in the New Years Eve bonfire south of Crowley last night at our Cajun Prairie celebration with family and friends struck me this morning as I searched for some appropriate New Year’s Day topic. Note the faint light in the western sky in the background as day fades in the waning hours of 2014. In the foreground, the consuming, crackling fire, energized by a compelling breeze, issues copious showers of embers that swirl through the darkening sky like a bristling swarm of fireflies.

While details of 2015 remain uncertain, promise brightens like the dazzling light and scintillating movement of the fire. Phase 1 of retirement looms just ahead, months away as a career in public education ends and a second career in what remains to be seen begins. Just as the spellbinding flames evoked mingled sensations of fear and awe last evening, so I stand at the beginning of this new year’s course and wonder what lies around the bend of

The New Year's Eve fire of hope.

The New Year’s Eve fire of hope.


We’ll see. Casting the anxiety of uncertainty aside, I claim the promise of showers of blessings as the new year unfolds: More to come in these pages of Inventio.