Was last night’s diverse worship service of Christian unity in Eunice, Louisiana, a foretaste of heaven?

Maybe not—-Heaven is unimaginable this side of eternity. But compared to best possibilities of good times and feelings here below, last night was hard to beat.

Worship and church leaders from multiple churches, from the Monsignor to the preacher, the priest to the elder, and other clerical ranks sat side by side on the rostrum as their congregations melted together in a sanctuary crammed with multi-racial, multi-denominational worshipers. No Catholics, no Methodists, no Baptists, no Assemblys, no non-denominationals: Just a room full of joyous Christians who raised the rafters of the house with spirited praise and compelling proclamation.

Casting dogma and division aside is liberating!

Casting dogma and division aside is liberating!

I’ve been in some exciting worship services in my years going to church. I’m not ready to pronounce this as THE best ever, but I can recall only 2 or 3 other experiences that ranked anywhere close to it. Even on this day-after, the warm afterglow of fellowship and communion from last night persists.

If we’ve known such meetings were the right thing to do for so long, I only wonder why it took us these many years to finally do it. Thanks to the local ministerial alliance for making this one materialize! I understand that the impetus came from the Catholic Monsignor, and someone told me later that the Pope had given some directive or edict—-whatever Popes issue—-encouraging Catholic leaders to seek opportunities for fellowship among other Christian groups. If such be true, then God bless the Pope!