Yep. I sure do. I’m listening to Louis Armstrong’s classic rendition of that melody as I

Ground zero in the French Quarter: Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

Ground zero for tourists in the French Quarter: Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

compose this post, the lazy jazz strains stirring rich memories of the past weekend with family and friends as we gathered to support our son-in-law’s run of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon; to reunite with both of our kids and their spouses who all live so far away these days; to hang out with that silly six-year old granddaughter from Texas; and to play with our daughter-in-law’s family who came along to make it a party. A wholesome party of family, friendship, and fellowship in that city so fabled in my family’s memories.

For me, the association goes back all the way, as long as I can remember, because of my childhood family’s roots and my growing up in the greater New Orleans area. But the associations have been enriched in adult life as the city became a crown jewel of a place for escapes and get-aways for my wife and kids.

Curiously or maybe not so curious, as many times as I’ve gone to walk the same streets and cross the same Mississippi River ferry and eat the same oyster po’boys and view the same sights, I haven’t reached that point where enough is enough. New Orleans is that place where the “same old, same old” will never be. In fact, chances are that I’ll grow same old same old long before this exotic city does, as she exudes her Old World grace and charm, gleaming on the shores of that great River as a crown jewel of metro-Americana.

Take it away, Louis.