The high yesterday was 80 muggy degrees; at noon today, the temperature had crashed to 32, accompanied by a wintry mix driven by near-gale force winds. I don’t recall such a dramatic overnight exchanges of air masses in all my days.

May 6th?  In the Deep, Gulf South?  Really?

March 5th? In the Deep, Gulf South? Really?

The sun came out brightly this afternoon, and while the cheerful rays and the blue sky do serve to dispel the gloom of this morning, the temperature is still in the 30’s with an icy wind chill.

I know, I know . . . our Gulf Coast winter weather is a kitty cat compared to the roaring lion of winter raging farther north. But down South, we’re not cut out those extremes, the same way many northerners aren’t cut out for our subtropical summer extremes.

Still, by this time of the late winter when the climate norm tells me the temperature should be in the mid-to-upper sixties for afternoon highs, especially after the 80’ish balm of the last two days, this immoderate return of ill chill is detestable.

Oh, well. I can’t raise the temperature a degree, nor less the wind by my will. All I can do is write about it, and so I have done here.

Hie thee hence away, brute winter; may the moderating bloom of spring supplant the withering chill of thy frosty breath.