Pollen is part of the price of spring.

Pollen is part of the price of spring.

I can make it now . . . to spring.

My last post lamented the dogged and relentless grip of the 2015 winter season. What a difference a few days makes! And warmer days just in time for the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. I celebrated the first weekday of DST yesterday evening by transplanting a shrub after supper. Yes, yard work after supper! For the past five months, “after supper” meant varied degrees of too dark/too cold to do anything outside.

Actually, I would have done more in the yard yesterday but for the nasty drizzle that set in, but at least we relaxed outside on the patio until well after 7:00, enjoying the daylight and the comfortable outdoor temperature.

This morning during a break from the office, I noticed the pine trees are beginning to bud. That’s a reinforcing omen that the grip of winter is loosening. In a few weeks, those blossoms will ripen and release sheets of yellow-green pollen that will generously coat outdoor surfaces and the linings of our nasal and sinus passages. An episode of hayfever and a sneeze or two notwithstanding, the gay advent of spring will be well worth the fleeting pollen season’s discomfort and irritation.