How do children honor their fathers and their mothers on moving day?

Welcome, indeed, when the hard work's done by pros.

Welcome, indeed, when the hard work’s done by pros.

They hire professional movers!

My daughter-in-law smiles glowingly in the foreground of this moving scene from last weekend, holding the front-door welcome mat that will greet visitors for years to come. She can afford to smile!

For look closely in the  background and observe the derriere of one of the movers as he wrestles to control a bulky, 300 pound chest of drawers through the front door on the way down the hall to a steep flight of stairs where he and his partner will groan, grunt, strain, and sweat mightily to situate that piece in one of the upper rooms.

Better a well-trained, hard-muscled young buck to groan under this rigorous burden than an ill-trained, soft-muscled parent-past-his-prime.  Honored, indeed, were  parents this day!  Not to mention spared!

The older folks still broke some sweat with the lighter stuff of moving, but such exertion as setting up beds, unpacking boxes, and toting lighter pieces of the move amounts to a wholesome fitness routine, especially when the routine’s attended by the camraderie of friends and family (including, of course, that 7 year old granddaughter who’s never been

Excellent humor prevails at turkey carving for supper at the end of the moving day.

Excellent humor prevails at turkey carving for supper at the end of  moving day.

spoiled a moment in her days with grandparents).