An empty, broken-down bus was the emblem of defeat.

An empty, broken-down bus was the emblem of defeat.

This post is pretty much a one-pic photo essay. If you ask a Hinds baseball fan, the broken down Hinds Community College bus loaded on the dolly this morning on our campus was supposed to have been driven home to Mississippi last weekend hauling a triumphant, nationally ranked first place Eagles baseball team back to Mississippi to the accolades of adoring fans prepared to root their boys on to the National Junior College Athletic Association World Series the following week in Oklahoma.

But three unanticipated events spoiled their glee . . . and their ride home.

1. The number 1 ranked Eagles lost their first-round game in the Regional tournament to our then-second-ranked Bengals Friday night, 10-6.
2. The Eagles lost their double-elimination game the following night to those same Bengals, who white-washed the Mississippi boys 6-0.
3. The bus that would have hauled the triumphant Eagles back to Mississippi broke down and had to sit on the LSUE campus for a couple of days waiting for the king-sized tow truck that came today.

As I watched the wrecker-driver securing the bus on the trailer, I thought, “What an emblem! What hubris!” The Eagles came to Eunice so confident; many of their fans were brash and outspoken, even after losing the opening round. Yep, we observed an example of pride that goes before destruction. This morning, the disabled bus’s emptiness at the beginning of its long ride home was emblematic of the team’s and its fans’ bitterness.

As there was no joy in Casey’s Mudville, so there was no joy in the Eagles’ Raymond (Mississippi).