How many times did she leave from our driveway in that black Camry?  Today at the Denver airport, so far away!

How many times did she leave from our driveway in that black Camry? Today, so far away!

The black Camry bought for Mom in 2005 became Ann’s in 2007.

In the early years, we’d watch Ann drive away, southbound on Hill Street, to LSUE campus, where she was a student and trainer for the baseball team. She came back every day around the end of baseball practice.

She earned the associate degree in 2009 and went on to LSU for her next two degrees. She returned mostly for holidays–that’s about all–but she came home at least 3 or 4 times a semester. We’d watch that black Camry drive away, northbound on Hill Street to US190 East, leading to the LSU campus in Baton Rouge.

Then she grew up and got married. About 11 months ago, she drove that Camry off to Greeley, Colorado, to begin a career as a graduate assistant at University of Northern Colorado. That black Camry has never parked in our driveway since.

So watching that car drive away today from the airport in Denver, after she dropped us off to catch our flight back to Louisiana, was a little emotional. Our little girl is all grown up. She drives off to a home of her own, far away from ours, as we fly off to what used to be her home.

And thus we grow and go, kids and parents alike, navigating the cyclical courses of our lives. Nothing remains ever the same.